Hydroflow is a promising young startup working on a flagship product that will radically change how people manage their hydration. Our namesake product, Hydroflow, is a smart bottle cap and phone application that allows users to automatically track their water intake, set personalized daily goals, and receive customized reminders to stay on top of their hydration. It's compatible with leading bottle brands and allows users to integrate their long-term health data with other popular fitness apps. Executing on our shared vision to bring better hydration to millions of users, we are already Utility patent-pending and are active members of the UCI Wayfinder Startup Incubator since October 2019.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as we prepare for launch in 2021!

The Team

Hydroflow is lead by CEO / Aerospace Engineer - Mitchell Zarro Martinez and co-founded by CTO / Electrical Engineer - Bryan Smith and COO / Business Economics - Jason Henderson.

Our cumulative experience includes NASA, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, The Aerospace Corporation, and the Irvine Company, with specialties in fluid mechanics, electronic design, manufacturing engineering, and sales. We’re currently in the process of adding another programmer and are also looking to fill positions in marketing, finance and supply chain management as we prepare for initial launch.